Element Gaming Partnership

19 May No Comments admin Announcements

Element Gaming are proud to announce new sponsorship deal with Team Sublime.

So one of the big news to come over, is that Element gaming are still happy to support Team Sublime with our future endeavours. To the management of Sublime this is fantastic news, as this means we can provide our players with some high end peripherals to compete on LAN and on stream.

If you haven’t already checked Element Gaming out, head on over to www.elementgaming.com and have a look at their amazing products and how you can benefit by using their gear.


An Element spokes person had this to say: “As a young company we think we are going places, we want to be the best we possibly can.  Which is why we are so excited to hook up with Team Sublime.  Like us, they have lofty ambitions; to be one of the world’s leading eSports organisations.  Just like Element, Sublime are passionate about gaming.  We are the perfect team.

We will be supplying the Sublime Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and Rainbow 6 teams with keyboards, mice, and headsets as they battle through the ESL.

As a gaming peripheral brand retailing everything from headsets and keyboard to gaming chairs and PSUs we are delighted to be joining with Team Sublime and their gaming teams. We feel as though this is a perfect fit and are excited to see the organisation grow.”



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