Sublime bash out a new partnership!

14 Aug No Comments admin Announcements

Here at Team Sublime, we strive to help businesses who are directing their products at the eSports market, and today we can announce that we are officially partners with ButtonBash Gaming. ButtonBash Gaming are a upcoming peripherals company who have worldwide ties with console gamers, from supplying them with headsets and gaming optics to controller grips and armor shells.

Our partnership will bring a lot to Team Sublime, not only will it help our teams push on and compete at LANs but it will also give our fans something to look forward to with giveaways and reviews. You will be able to read up on their products on Team Sublimes website, and even get a discount on your orders on checkout.

ButtonBash Gaming, are a well known company which is situated in Ireland, and their company director had this to say about Team Sublime:

“Here at ButtonBash Gaming we strive to provide the best quality gaming gear to gamers all over the world. Not only do we provide gaming gear, but we want to support the best content creators, clans and teams in the gaming industry.
This is why we have teamed up with Team Sublime. We took one look at Team Sublime and we were so impressed with their professionalism. It is not difficult to see the hard work and dedication these guys put into their organisation.
With our partnership secured we will be providing Team Sublime with gaming merchandise focusing on console platforms like Playstation and Xbox.
We know with our help and their dedication, together we will take both our organisations to the next level.


Elliot Kavanagh,
Director & Owner
ButtonBash Gaming.”

So what are you all waiting for?

Head on over to and see how you can improve your game, and hit your peak of perfection with their products.